v2.2.5 (9/21/2016)

  • Fix Qiniu Cloud second upload image error bug
  • Allow multiple attempts for Flickr API connection
  • Fix Github account misleading dialog bug
  • Allow Ghost to add custom slug
  • Remove Yosemite theme
  • Add disable sync scroll option - for large files you should disable it
  • Upgrade Electron engine to 1.4.0

v2.2.4 (8/24/2016)

  • In MAS version, remove all opened folders and files when restart, because due to MAS Sandbox’s limitation WordMark will lose access to opened folders and files. If you feel uncomfortable with it, please use non-MAS version. It is expected to be fixed in the future.
  • Fixed undo command will delete all content in the start bug
  • Add tags option when publishing to Ghost

v2.2.2 (8/4/2016)

  • Add published date option in Wordpress publishing
  • Add option to enable Tex math syntax
  • Add option to allow relative paths of images in Preview

v2.2.1 (8/2/2016)

  • Improve performance
  • Fix incorrect cursor position bug
  • Fix Wordpress history record bug

v2.2.0 (7/27/2016)

  • Publishing to Evernote or Yinxiang can have images now
  • Update editor engine
  • Fixed incorrect cursor position when entering some Chinese characters
  • When publishing to Evernote, must use valid URLs in all links and images
  • Allow Github to update existing posts
  • Make Update dialog un-dissmissable

v2.1.13 (7/25/2016)

  • Add post slug field for Wordpress
  • Fix version information incorrect bug
  • Add “add folder” button
  • Add outline function. Click “menu” icon in the bottom bar to view outline.
  • Add licenses for packages

v2.1.12 (7/13/2016)

  • Some UI improvements

v2.1.11 (7/7/2016)

  • Fix cannot save document bug
  • Add Notebook color theme
  • Fix editor width bug

v2.1.9 (7/5/2016)

  • Add language pack (traditional Chinese)
  • Add Email service. Now you can send Emails using Markdown.
  • Add Vim mode

v2.1.7 (6/17/2016)

  • Highlight code blocks in preview section. Will add color styles in the following updates.
  • Add Table of Contents. Adding “[TOC]” in the document and the it will be generated in preview
  • Fixed Github adding root directory bug
  • Fixed language auto change bug
  • Fixed PDF exporting crash bug. For exporting large file, expect more time to generate the PDF file.
  • Fixed cursor wrong position bug

v2.1.6 (6/7/2016)

  • Assign “# xxx” as post title in publishing panel
  • Allow paste and upload images to the editor
  • Fix Ghost draft preview URL
  • Fix Wordpress HTTPS not addable bug
  • Update UI
  • Add folder management in sidebar
  • Upgrade Electron core to 1.2

v2.1.4 (5/25/2016)

  • Fix customize font bug
  • Fix Ghost uploading JPG bug
  • Allow Ghost and Wordpress to update published posts
  • Fix Ghost HTTPS bug
  • Add Yosemite color theme

v2.1.3 (5/6/2016)

  • Fix sidebar click bug
  • Update download links

v2.1.2 (4/29/2016)

  • Allow multiple Github accounts
  • Add Tumblr
  • Add Dropbox
  • Add a new theme for Preview section
  • UI improvement
  • Add Import from HTML function
  • Add word count
  • Add css styles for exporting PDF
  • New shortcuts (zoom in/out)

v2.1.1 (4/18/2016)

  • Fix open file no preview bug
  • Fix Github publishing Chinese error

v2.1.0 (4/16/2016)

  • Add option to add image services for Wordpress and Ghost platform
  • Allow adding Gist for Github
  • Add Jekyll support
  • Allow right-click menu in editor
  • Fix table freeze bug
  • Update Markdown parser
  • Minor UI fix

v2.0.2 (4/8/2016)

  • Improves performance of resizing
  • Change title header UI in Mac and Windows
  • Fix incorrect preview size when pressing CMD+3
  • Add publishing to Evernote and Yinxiang
  • Add Linux/Ubuntu version
  • Fix sidebar scrolling issue
  • Fix off-line dialogs error
  • Add publishing to Github repository (Jekyll)
  • Fix PDF exporting issue
  • Fix menu items in Windows
  • Add Windows ia32 version

v2.0.1 (4/2/2016)

  • Add language: Chinese
  • Add spell check option
  • Add “focus mode”
  • Add some publishing services including Evernote, Ghost, Medium and Blogger
  • Add some image services including Imgur, AWS S3, Flickr
  • Improve performance
  • Improve UI design
  • Add Windows platform version
  • Add one more theme color

v2.0.0 (3/16/2016)

  • Change file management system, allow users to create/edit/save markdown files in thte side bar
  • Add drag-and-drop to open file feature


  • Fixed adjusting window causing editor crashes
  • Fixed WordPress invalid first author bug


  • Fixed empty category causing “Unknown error” bug


  • Added custom font size in the editor
  • Changed publish section UI
  • Fixed incorrect URL bugs


  • Add export to HTML option
  • Add export to PDF option
  • Fix “category” cannot be separated by white space


  • First release